New Hampshire’s world class fitness program; an exceptional method to burning fat, improving heart and lung conditioning and mental toughness. This metabolic conditioning workout uses the high intensity interval training concept in a circuit format. Our branded Hybrid circuits include functional movements in each session: squatting, pushing, pulling, sprinting and core exercises to efficiently and effectively train the full body. Kettle bells, battle ropes, sleds, treadmills, cardio bikes, rowers and TRX straps are regularly used in each session. Also included in each session is a dynamic warm-up consisting of muscle tissue massage using foam rollers and mobility stretches to prevent injury, alleviate pain and improve posture. Hybrid circuits are designed to challenge the heart, lungs and mind of any trainee, from the novice exerciser to the professional athlete.



 Being pain free and improving quality of life important to you? A safe and proven method to building strength and a highly functional body. This component of the Hybrid system is re-designed every 4 weeks to allow individuals to learn, adapt and master the varying exercises.  Sessions consists of both strength and mobility exercises with a focus on improving quality of movement, posture and building a strong foundation for performance in all things from competitive sports to everyday life. Free weights, resistance bands, stability balls and more are used in this portion of the program. Building lean mass on your body equals a higher resting metabolic rate, less stress on your joints and the ability to burn calories quickly; this is what Hybrid strength training can do for you. Hybrid strength training is crucial for everyone and anyone, from the sedentary to the professional athlete, and is included in the Hybrid Fitness Program.



 One of the primary limiting factors in exercise is poor mobility of the bodies’ joints. Inhibited range of motion leads to chronic pain, injury and greatly lessens the metabolic effect of exercise. Mobility within our sessions exists to counter these negatives and is a crucial component to our training program. Mobility is a huge area of emphasis in all our training; the Hybrid program delivers a very deliberate and direct attempt at improving mobility and is often the missing piece to success in getting stronger, relieving pain, experiencing performance gains and just plain feeling great.  Make it a priority.