Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark is a native of Exeter, NH returning to the Seacoast from the greater Phoenix area to pursue his passion of helping others succeed in their journey towards health and wellness.  While enrolled in the Exercise Science-Kinesiology program at Arizona State University Ryan focused on course work centered around anatomy and physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and sport psychology. He specializes in helping others establish and maintain active lifestyles through supportive coaching, challenging programming and facilitating a positive community. Areas he emphasizes are correcting movement patterns and providing appropriate intensity levels for clients who may have pain and dysfunction. He's worked with athletes at the NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA level. He's also helped populations from all ages 10-80.

Ryan enjoys being in nature whether hiking, laking or beaching.  He is constantly looking for self improvement through reading and quality conversation with friends and family (book recommendations welcome!). Having lifted and sprinted over the past 15 years in preparation for many-a-hockey season he has recently taken an interest in practicing yoga in advancing his own training program.